GOTY 2017 | Number 8 — The Evil Within 2

Tak­ing the for­mula set forth by the orig­i­nal entry and improv­ing on it in nearly every way, The Evil Within 2 is a stel­lar sec­ond entry in this horror-action series. Open­ing up the envi­ron­ments allows the player to dis­cover the scares it has in store at their own pace. The Evil Within 2 also makes some smart improve­ments to the com­bat, mak­ing encoun­ters feel more tense and requir­ing some smart plan­ning to get through. The story is a lot more cohe­sive this time around and has a clear arc that runs through the game and doesn’t over­stay its wel­come. The Evil Within 2 evokes the bet­ter parts of Res­i­dent Evil 4 in many ways and deserves the spot as the 8th best game of 2017.


Wednesday Night Stream | The Evil Within 2


Join me for some goopy zom­bie action at 10pm EST! Feel free to com­ment on this post directly or head off to my YouTube Chan­nel to chat with me as I play!

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GOTY 2016 | Number 2 — Doom

The one PC game that has always held a spe­cial place in my heart is Doom. After such a lengthy devel­op­ment cycle, I was on the fence about get­ting it at all. In the end, id Soft­ware made it worth the wait and the new Doom is a phe­nom­e­nal game. Chan­nel­ing just about every­thing that made the orig­i­nal Doom games great, it updates the for­mula per­fectly and brings a clas­sic game into a new gen­er­a­tion just as well as the likes of Oca­rina of Time. Frankly, it was all out war between Doom and my num­ber one game, with the decid­ing fac­tor being that I got side-tracked and haven’t fin­ished the entire Doom cam­paign. Even still, this game well deserves as high a spot as it got on my list.

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GOTY 2015 | Number 7 — Fallout 4

Back in 2008, just months before I moved to the Wash­ing­ton DC area, a lit­tle game called Fall­out 3 came out. Not sure what to expect, I dove right in and ended up putting quite a bit of time into the game. Seven years later and they’ve finally released Fall­out 4 upon the world. Sport­ing mas­sively improved shoot­ing mechan­ics and far more inter­est­ing com­pan­ion char­ac­ters than before, Fall­out 4 looks to be a sta­ple in my PS4 for months to come.

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In Your Face | Fallout 4

It was a very suc­cess­ful cou­ple of streams last night with Kim spend­ing over 90 min­utes putting together the per­fect char­ac­ters. I’ve posted the results here in pic­ture form, but you can check out the entire stream below as well.


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ESH | ‘The Executioner’ Finishes It Off

The only thing I knew for sure about The Exe­cu­tioner before boot­ing it up was that it was going to fea­ture play­ing as the Keeper from the main game. After a brief open­ing cin­e­matic, the game faded into a first-person view. I paused for a moment expect­ing some more story before it panned out to third-person view like in the main cam­paign. As I thumbed the ana­log stick just to make sure, the Keeper responded to my input and I let out a sur­prised and excited cry as it dawned on me that this part of the game was going to be different.


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