Tak­ing the for­mu­la set forth by the orig­i­nal entry and improv­ing on it in near­ly every way, The Evil With­in 2 is a stel­lar sec­ond entry in this hor­ror-action series. Open­ing up the envi­ron­ments allows the play­er to dis­cov­er the scares it has in store at their own pace. The Evil With­in 2 also makes some smart improve­ments to the com­bat, mak­ing encoun­ters feel more tense and requir­ing some smart plan­ning to get through. The sto­ry is a lot more cohe­sive this time around and has a clear arc that runs through the game and does­n’t over­stay its wel­come. The Evil With­in 2 evokes the bet­ter parts of Res­i­dent Evil 4 in many ways and deserves the spot as the 8th best game of 2017.


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