This Just In | Free Game Report 11/5

You know what my favorite price is? Free. At any given moment there are usu­ally a decent num­ber of free games out there to grab. No, I don’t mean the games that are always free, I’m talk­ing about the ones that usu­ally cost money. So, I’ve gath­ered together all of the sources I usu­ally check and have com­piled it here for your con­sum­ing plea­sure. Hit me up and let me know if there’s any­where else I should fre­quent for free game, or per­haps just some that I’ve missed.


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ESH E3 2013 | Sony Online Entertainment Bringing Free-to-Play to PS4

One of the biggest new things to come out of gam­ing on smart­phones is the con­cept of free-to-play games. Like any new con­cept that hits it big, the mar­ket has been sat­u­rated with these titles and some shady busi­ness prac­tices have already emerged. True enough, in this model of game devel­op­ment, the money has to come from some­where, but find­ing a way to do that and still make a qual­ity game is not some­thing we’re see­ing a lot of out of that mar­ket. Sony Online Enter­tain­ment, with the release of the PS4, is look­ing to change that by offer­ing up some titles that take advan­tage of the free-to-play model while still main­tain­ing a high level of qual­ity in their games.


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