GOTY 2017 | Number 7 — Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Naughty Dog always starts off devel­op­ing DLC with the best of inten­tions. Build­ing upon the themes and lore of their most recent game by explor­ing rela­tion­ships either hinted at or nonex­is­tent in the main game, the DLC grows in size and scope. Inevitably, every story-based DLC that Naughty Dog pro­duces breaks off and becomes a bite-sized bit of bril­liance. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy con­tin­ues this tra­di­tion in great form by tak­ing some of the best things from Uncharted 4 and expand­ing on them in some smart ways. The rela­tion­ship built between Chloe and Nadine dur­ing the short adven­ture is a lot of fun to watch and the ban­ter is bril­liantly per­formed. The open design imple­mented in the mid­dle sec­tion of the game improves on what was in the main game by giv­ing you rea­sons to explore the beau­ti­ful envi­ron­ments. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy gives plenty of rea­sons to be an excel­lent 7th best game of 2017.


ESH | Left Behind Gives You One More Delicious Taste of The Last of Us

The per­fect for­mula for DLC is a par­tic­u­larly hard one to nail down. Div­ing back into the main story of the game is dif­fi­cult if it’s already been wrapped up, but cre­at­ing some­thing com­pletely new may not feel true enough to the orig­i­nal game. This bal­ance, though dif­fi­cult to achieve, is not impos­si­ble and can result in a great way to revisit the worlds of our favorite games for a short time. Naughty Dog hit the bulls­eye with their DLC The Last of US: Left Behind by tak­ing us back and pro­vid­ing a bit more con­text for some things described dur­ing the main story. Please make sure you’ve played The Last of Us before read­ing this review as there will be spoil­ers for the main cam­paign ahead.


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GOTY | Number 1 — The Last of Us

How could this have not ended up being my num­ber 1 game of the year? It was frankly a lit­tle unfair. The Last of Us is a game by vet­eran game design Naughty Dog, of Uncharted fame, about a zom­bie apoc­a­lypse fea­tur­ing one of the strongest sto­ries of the year. I recently changed the pic­ture on my credit card to be a pic­ture of the main char­ac­ters for cripes sake. All that aside, I think many peo­ple will even agree with me that this is the best game made in 2013.


As I men­tioned before, the hall­mark of this game is the incred­i­ble story. Never have I been more moved by the first 20 min­utes of any­thing since I went to see Pixar’s Up in the­aters. Even after that, it was an incred­i­bly hard game to put down and I found myself con­stantly push­ing for­ward to see what came next. I also, on sev­eral occa­sions, exclaimed “Oh Snap!” to an empty room because of some­thing that hap­pened. The game is also eas­ily the best-looking game I’ve played this year, which is a bit embar­rass­ing for the next-fen con­soles that launched later in the year. The design of the world made it easy to get sucked in and the per­for­mance cap­ture of the char­ac­ters and the voice-over was top-notch as well. There’s really very lit­tle to find fault in with this game, so I’ll just declare it my num­ber 1 game on my top 10 list of the year and call it a year. See you in 2014 everyone!

ESH | The Last of Us Demo Breakdown

One of the most hotly antic­i­pated titles com­ing out before the launch of the new con­soles this hol­i­day sea­son is Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. This being the first new IP they’ve put out since their wildly suc­cess­ful Uncharted fran­chise, the pres­sure is cer­tainly on for this new game to be a hit. Lucky for you, if you pur­chased a copy of God of War: Ascen­sion, you can now down­load the demo for the upcom­ing game and see for yourself.


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