GOTY | Number 7 — Pikmin 3

One of the most antic­i­pated releases for the Wii U this year, this game deliv­ered on the promises it made. Strat­egy and explo­ration are the name of the game for Pik­min 3 and the new visu­als and added fea­tures made for improve­ments all around. With some new vari­ety of the tiny crea­tures and a struc­ture that does away with the over­all time-limit of the game, this made for a very fresh-feeling experience.


New game modes, includ­ing the abil­ity to finally play some mul­ti­player, added even more depth and fun to the series. It was great fun to coor­di­nate plans ahead of tack­ling the col­lec­tion and enemy-battling stages. The com­pet­i­tive mode was also a great deal of fun and had some clever twists to keep the game feel­ing fair. Def­i­nitely a must-own if you have a Wii U and very deserv­ing of its num­ber 7 spot on my top 10 list.

Ramblings | The Wii U Direct Emotional Roller-Coaster

Nin­tendo is one video game com­pany I can always count on to sur­prise me when I think I know every­thing they have to offer.  Just a few days ago, they posted one of their Nin­tendo Direct videos aimed at announce­ments for the Wii U.  Curi­ous as to what they could be announc­ing at this point, I decided to take a look.  What fol­lowed was one of the biggest emo­tional roller-coasters I’ve ever rid­den whilst watch­ing a stream­ing video.  Let’s go through each of the announce­ments one by one:


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