Wednesday Night Stream | Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul


Join me for some Para­nor­mal VR action at 4pm EST! Feel free to com­ment on this post directly or head off to my Twitch Page to chat with me as I play!

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ESH | Moss Review

Vir­tual real­ity has often been used to insert play­ers into sit­u­a­tions that would oth­er­wise be impos­si­ble. Moss, one of the newest PlaySta­tion VR titles, goes about this in a slightly dif­fer­ent way. Instead of mak­ing the player the focus, each stage of the game is a sort of inter­ac­tive dio­rama. Con­trol­ling the adorable mouse pro­tag­o­nist Quill, play­ers can make their way envi­ron­men­tal puz­zles by inspect­ing every nook and cranny of the tiny world set in front of them. It cre­ates an expe­ri­ence that feel unique to VR and facil­i­tates a new sort of immer­sion that is the breath of fresh air that VR needs right now.


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ESH | Blasters of the Universe Review

Insert­ing one­self into the action of a video game is what makes vir­tual real­ity such an immer­sive expe­ri­ence. Bul­let hell games are scary enough as it is, tak­ing place on a 2D plane while tons of bul­lets head towards a tiny ship. Thrust­ing this con­cept into the first-person per­spec­tive of a VR shooter, Blasters of the Uni­verse takes the brain-busting space man­age­ment of a bul­let hell game and forces you to stare help­lessly as the sea of bul­lets slowly drift towards you. One of the smoother-controlling shoot­ers I’ve played in PSVR, while rel­a­tively short, it offers plenty of chal­lenge that will have you com­ing back for more.


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GOTY 2017 | Number 2 — Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

It was easy to lose heart after the garbage fire that was Res­i­dent Evil 6. Thank­fully, Cap­com stepped up and deliv­ered a brand new Res­i­dent Evil expe­ri­ence that is both brand new feel­ing and upholds the roots of what makes the series fun. Bring­ing the series into the first-person per­spec­tive was bold move, but it paid off with Res­i­dent Evil 7. Even though the point of view changed, every­thing about the game­play like man­ag­ing ammo, find­ing keys, care­fully nav­i­gat­ing cor­ri­dors and even open­ing doors still felt uniquely like it belonged in the series. Play­ing the game in vir­tual real­ity is one of the most intense expe­ri­ences I’ve done in gam­ing. Many parts of the game are very scary and being put into that world through a VR head­set only makes it that much more ter­ri­fy­ing. The story is self-contained enough that folks who are new to the series can eas­ily join in now, with some sly easter eggs for series vet­er­ans. The char­ac­ters, espe­cially the Baker fam­ily, are inter­est­ing to learn about and the story goes to some cool places by the end. Many peo­ple have crit­i­cized the lat­ter por­tion of the game for becom­ing more action heavy, but if you look at pre­vi­ous games in the series, it actu­ally fol­lows a sim­i­lar pat­tern in that regard. I played through this game four times in 2017 alone and will likely go back for another round in 2018. In any other year, this would have been an easy top spot, but I reluc­tantly call Res­i­dent Evil 7: Bio­haz­ard the 2nd best game of 2017.


ESH | Fated: The Silent Oath Review

Vir­tual real­ity, in its cur­rent form, still hasn’t been around very long and many devel­op­ers are actively exper­i­ment­ing to find what works well for the for­mat. Off the bat, it’s been easy to see that action and hor­ror work well in VRFated: The Silent Oath has taken a dif­fer­ent path and proven that there it’s not always about the thrills and chills. Emotionally-charged silent moments in this story based in the world of Norse mythol­ogy high­light a new way of telling a story that makes you feel even more of a con­nec­tion to what is happening.


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Resident Evil 7 Pt. 19 | End of the EveLine

In this, the final episode of this Res­i­dent Evil 7 play through, Ethan finally catches up with Eve­line and then imme­di­ately receives a phone call. Oh no, wait that was me in real life. As such, the Ben Cam cuts out at that moment. Will Ethan finally put an end to the mad­ness? Watch to find out and please com­ment and sub­scribe to let me know what you’d like me to play next!

Resident Evil 7 Pt. 18 | The Mines of Knowledge

After escap­ing from the ship, Ethan heads down in a nearby mine and dis­cov­ers much of the truth behind Eve­line. Will Ethan dis­cover all of the secrets of this bio­haz­ard? Watch to find out and sub­scribe for more episodes daily!

Resident Evil 7 Pt. 17 | Mia is a Badass

Mia is work­ing on repair­ing the ele­va­tor so she can res­cue Ethan! As she dons her Rambo head­band and calmly puts down a slew of molded, it’s time to hunt down Eve­line. Will she fig­ure out where the heck that cable is? Watch to find out and sub­scribe for more episodes daily!

Resident Evil 7 Pt. 16 | Origin of the Evil

Explor­ing more around the derelict ship, Mia regains her mem­o­ries of how this mess all got started. What are Mia’s ties to the inci­dent? Watch to find out and sub­scribe for more episodes daily!