ESH | King’s Quest Ep. 5 ‘The Good Knight’

Wrap­ping up an episodic nar­ra­tive game game be tricky, as we have seen from many Tell­tale sea­sons. King’s Quest has been both a tri­umphant trib­ute to the series of the past and an incred­i­ble story in its own right. Suc­cess­fully tow­ing the line between fan­ci­ful humor and gen­uinely emo­tional moments, King’s Quest has been one of my favorite games of the year thus far. Episode 5, titled “The Good Knight” wraps up the series by tying up any of the loose ends left and recount­ing many moments of your jour­ney. The end result is a final episode that pro­vided some of the best nos­tal­gia, not just for the older games, but even for moments from ear­lier episodes.


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ESH | Gotta Feed Em All in Episode 2 of ‘King’s Quest’

One of the most com­mon pit­falls when games are episodic is stag­na­tion. Some­times just a new bit of story isn’t quite enough to sep­a­rate it from the other episodes. The Odd Gen­tle­men have pro­vided an excel­lent exam­ple of how to do this right withe sec­ond episode of their reboot of the King’s Quest series. Rub­ble With­out a Cause takes a chance by adjust­ing the for­mula set forth by the first episode and suc­ceeds by cre­at­ing a darker and more intense chapter.


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ESH | ‘A Knight to Remember’ Proves Sierra Is Still King

Legacy can be a dif­fi­cult thing to deal with when a video game series hasn’t been around in a very long time. The Odd Gen­tle­men stepped into the ring with the mon­u­men­tal task of bring­ing the King’s Quest series back after a very long break. I’m pleased to report that they’ve knocked it out of the prover­bial park with King’s Quest: A Knight to Remem­ber. Sport­ing a gor­geous art-style, a lov­able cast of char­ac­ters, stun­ning music and a lot of heart, this game is the return to form that the King’s Quest series deserves.


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ESH | Sierra’s Return of the King

Sierra has been one of the biggest forces in adven­ture games through­out the years. The very first adven­ture game I can recall play­ing was King’s Quest V. After some time of rel­a­tive inac­tiv­ity, late last year Activi­sion announced that Sierra was back and that their first game was going to be a reimag­in­ing of King’s Quest. After see­ing quite a bit of the game and get­ting my hands on it at the show, I feel con­fi­dent it will live up to the name and offer a great expe­ri­ence for both new­com­ers and long­time fans.


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