You wouldn’t have to do much dig­ging to find out that one of my favorite series for any plat­form is the Ace Attor­ney series. The turn­about sto­ries, well-devel­oped char­ac­ters and fun court­room dra­ma action is one of the best things out there. The lat­est install­ment in the series improves the graph­ics in some mean­ing­ful ways, adds some new game­play ele­ments and some great new characters.

dualdestinies8The new emo­tion-based game­play was fun and not near­ly as frus­trat­ing as the tick-spot­ting mechan­ic intro­duced by Apol­lo Jus­tice. The game makes you real­ly like the new char­ac­ter Athena Cykes pret­ty ear­ly on, which makes the ten­sion in some of the lat­er chap­ters that much more pal­pa­ble. It also intro­duces the abil­i­ty to save at any point dur­ing the game which makes it so much eas­i­er to jump in and out. While not for every­one, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attor­ney — Dual Des­tinies cer­tain­ly deserves this num­ber 8 spot on my top 10 of the year.

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