So far on my PS4, if I had to say there’s been a game I’ve been com­ing back to over and over again, it would have to be Reso­gun. It’s easy to glance at this game and won­der why it even needs the pow­er of the PS4, but when you’re actu­al­ly sit­ting in front of it and play­ing, there’s no ques­tion. The vox­els upon vox­els and the sheer amount of hap­pen­ings on the screen at any giv­en time is crazy to behold and even more sat­is­fy­ing to try to follow.


Added sup­port for co-op mul­ti­play­er real­ly makes this game some­thing spe­cial. I had a ton of fun play­ing through the arcade mode with a friend, chat­ting about what we were doing as we played. It’s one of those games that you can pick up and play real­ly quick­ly, but is also quite dan­ger­ous as it is easy to just want to play one more round. The pow­er­house exclu­sives for the PS4 are cer­tain­ly com­ing in 2014, but if you need some­thing to play right this minute, look no fur­ther than the free and amaz­ing­ly fun, num­ber 9 on my list, Reso­gun.

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