Car­toon Net­work has been try­ing for a while to make a strong argu­ment for an Adven­ture Time game. Frankly, I’ve nev­er thought it need­ed an argu­ment at all. The series feels like it would lend itself very well to a game, but not all games licensed from the series have been a huge hit. While I real­ly enjoyed Jump­ing Finn both on my brows­er and my iPhone, Adven­ture Time: Explore the Dun­geon Because I Don’t Know! didn’t exact­ly light the world on fire. Hav­ing now played the newest game based on the TV series, Adven­ture Time: The Secret of the Name­less King­dom I’m glad to say that they’re on the right path, if not quite there yet.


Check out more on the ESH page on EGMNow.

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