Ambi­tion, par­tic­u­lar­ly in game devel­op­ment, has a habit of of either mak­ing or break­ing cer­tain titles. Greed­fall, a game by the devel­op­er Spi­ders, is a high­ly ambi­tious game that sought to cre­ate a sweep­ing sto­ry through a mas­sive world of char­ac­ters, crea­tures and envi­ron­ments. Depend­ing upon your expec­ta­tions, I could see Greed­fall either suc­ceed­ing or just miss­ing the mark on these attempts. If you are look­ing for the next Drag­on Age game you could end up slight­ly let down, but if you are sim­ply itch­ing for a sol­id action-RPG set in a town/wilderness set­ting, then Greed­fall offers quite a bit of fun.

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