Wednesday Night Stream | Hand of Fate 2


Join me for some digital-tabletop action at 10pm EST! Feel free to com­ment on this post directly or head off to my Twitch Page to chat with me as I play! Review code pro­vided by Stride PR.

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ESH | ‘Odin Sphere’ Returns from Valhalla

Port­ing clas­sic games has become some­thing of an epi­demic dur­ing this con­sole gen­er­a­tion. What’s worse is that, more often than not, these ports act as a reminder of just how far graph­ics in video games have come across the years. Rare excep­tions to this rule do occur and when treated with the proper care, some games shine on the newer plat­forms. If I hadn’t played it back on PS2, and you told me that Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir was a brand new game I would likely believe you. The upgrades they’ve made to this clas­sic action RPG were smart and the gor­geous graph­ics, a trade­mark of Vanillaware, looks as good today as they did back in 2007.


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E3 2016 | Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor — Martyr

Enter­ing fresh into a well-established fran­chise can be a pretty intim­i­dat­ing prospect. Warham­mer 40,000 has a sto­ried his­tory in numer­ous media types includ­ing table­top, video games and even a movie. Thus, com­ing in blind would be kind of like going to see Cap­tain Amer­ica: Civil War with­out see­ing any of the pre­vi­ous movies. It’s cer­tainly enter­tain­ing, but a lit­tle hard to fol­low in terms of char­ac­ter moti­va­tions and the estab­lished uni­verse. Still, as I have found in the past, some­times div­ing into this prover­bial deep end is the per­fect way to shoul­der your way into some­thing new and find the per­fect jump­ing off point to becom­ing a fan. This is the approach I took in check­ing out Warham­mer 40,000: Inquisi­tor — Mar­tyr at E3 this year and from what I saw, it looks to be the per­fect on-ramp for me to get into the series.


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