When The Jack­box Par­ty Pack first came out, it rev­o­lu­tion­ized how mul­ti­play­er video games could work at par­ties. So long as every­one had some kind of smart device, any­one could pick up and play the sim­ple and addic­tive­ly fun games. As new entries have arrived, there has been a mixed bag of as Jack­box Games has exper­i­ment­ed with the for­mu­la. Com­ing off of what was, in my opin­ion, the best suite of games thus far with The Jack­box Par­ty Pack 3, there was a lot to live up to for The Jack­box Par­ty Pack 4. Some games suf­fer from over­com­pli­cat­ed rules, but large­ly this is anoth­er fun pack of games that any group can enjoy.


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