When Bat­man: Gotham Knight was delayed into next year, I was a lit­tle dis­ap­point­ed. It was then I real­ized there was a whole Bat­man game I still had yet to play. Boot­ing up Bat­man: Arkham Ori­gins, I was enjoy­ing the slight­ly more lin­ear Dark Knight action I loved from the Rock­steady games. Then I came face to face with a man named Slade Wil­son. You may know, and loathe, him by a dif­fer­ent name: Death­stroke. After strug­gling with this infa­mous­ly dif­fi­cult boss fight for a while, and even read­ing a few tuto­ri­als, some­thing final­ly clicked and I real­ized that the fight is actu­al­ly quite easy. I’m here to ease your pain by explain­ing just how to kick Death­stroke to the curb with lit­tle effort.


First off, it helps to under­stand why exact­ly this boss fight seems to be dif­fi­cult. It comes down to a cou­ple of sim­ple things. For one thing, the game does a pret­ty ter­ri­ble job of explain­ing why you’re per­form­ing poor­ly dur­ing the fight. It flash­es up a mes­sage that says “don’t counter Deathstroke’s coun­ter­at­tacks too ear­ly” or some­thing to that effect. While this is tech­ni­cal­ly a cor­rect state­ment, I’m get­ting to that, it doesn’t explain what the heck they mean by it. The oth­er thing they’re doing to inad­ver­tent­ly make this fight much hard­er than it needs to be is to active­ly train you to do the oppo­site of what you should be doing in this bat­tle dur­ing the rest of the game. With that, let me put how to beat this fight eas­i­ly into one sentence:

Be patient and wait for the counter but­ton to appear.

Your response to this might be “but Ben, only coun­ter­ing him will make the fight take for­ev­er.” I see your point, but you’re mis­un­der­stand­ing me. You’re free to punch the crap out of Death­stroke all you want! Now you’re prob­a­bly say­ing “okay, but now he’s doing one of those seem­ing­ly ran­dom unblock­able coun­ters and killing me.” Now this is where that pre­vi­ous sen­tence takes effect. If there is even a hint of a quick-time event start­ing, you need to imme­di­ate­ly stop hit­ting but­tons and wait for a but­ton prompt. Any time Death­stroke coun­ters you and you don’t get the option to block, it’s because you hit a but­ton dur­ing his counter and the game is pun­ish­ing you for doing so. I promise you, if you wait for a but­ton-prompt to appear on the screen, it will appear as long as you didn’t already hit a button.

The rea­son this is so unfair, is because up to this point, the game strong­ly encour­ages you to ham­mer away on the counter but­ton dur­ing fights. All of a sud­den, you have to be very pre­cise with your counter but­ton press­es or the game pun­ish­es you. With­out any pri­or con­text for this kind of fight and lit­tle-to-no expla­na­tion that it sud­den­ly works this way, it makes for a con­fus­ing­ly dif­fi­cult fight.

I promise if you use this tech­nique, it will make this boss bat­tle go by a lot eas­i­er. Then you can get back to sati­at­ing your Bat­man fix before that shiny new one comes out next year. I’ll try to get a video up of the fight with com­men­tary and I’ll add it to this page as well. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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