ESH | DeadCore Review

Plat­form­ing sec­tions in first-person games can be noto­ri­ously hard if they’re not done well. Spot­ting plat­forms while you’re jump­ing and nail­ing tar­gets mid-air is tough as nails, but if the con­trols are tight enough it can feel really good. Dead­Core has you steadily climb­ing a tower full of deadly traps and giant leaps, but as through the adver­sity of mak­ing it through this gaunt­let, you will even­tu­ally feel like a first-person god of plat­form­ing. Not every sec­tion is strong, but what is there is chal­leng­ing enough to really make you feel like you earned it.



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ESH | Embers of Mirrim Review

Rub­bing your stom­ach and pat­ting your head has always been one of the great­est exer­cises in mul­ti­task­ing. Get­ting your brain to process two sep­a­rate tasks simul­ta­ne­ously is sur­pris­ingly dif­fi­cult. Cre­ative Bytes Stu­dios is look­ing to put you to the ulti­mate test with the new plat­form­ing adven­ture Embers of Mir­rim. Jump­ing through the world as two crea­tures that have been com­bined into one, you must use the pow­ers of each simul­ta­ne­ously to tra­verse the dan­gers as you cure the cor­rup­tion plagu­ing the land. Embers of Mir­rim is not only a com­pe­tent and beau­ti­ful game, it is chal­leng­ing and fun in a way that I haven’t seen in quite some time.


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The Platinum Diaries | Deadlight: Director’s Cut


Why This Game?

Reach­ing the end of a game and glanc­ing at the remain­ing tro­phies, this seemed like a decently sim­ple cleanup job. Sev­eral of the tro­phies are story-related and the abil­ity to chap­ter select in to grab the col­lectibles made get­ting all but three tro­phies a breeze. I’ll get to those last few in a minute, but this was a case of appar­ent ease that ended up being decep­tively dif­fi­cult in the end. Con­tinue read­ing

ESH | Mighty No. 9 Review

Games funded on Kick­starter have begun to come and go, being deliv­ered to the sali­vat­ing back­ers that excit­edly fronted their money to fund a dream game. One of the more infa­mous cam­paigns, Mighty No. 9 was one that got funded before I joined the crowd-funding web­site. Promis­ing a spir­i­tual suc­ces­sor to Mega Man, one of my per­sonal favorite NES series, made by the orig­i­nal cre­ator, Mighty No. 9 had a lot to live up to lead­ing up to its release. The imme­di­ate and impas­sioned early impres­sions from the final release were prac­ti­cally impos­si­ble to avoid, but hav­ing com­pleted the game myself, I can defin­i­tively say that form­ing your own opin­ion is always the best thing to do.


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How To | Beat the Crap Out of Deathstroke | Update: Now With Video

When Bat­man: Gotham Knight was delayed into next year, I was a lit­tle dis­ap­pointed. It was then I real­ized there was a whole Bat­man game I still had yet to play. Boot­ing up Bat­man: Arkham Ori­gins, I was enjoy­ing the slightly more lin­ear Dark Knight action I loved from the Rock­steady games. Then I came face to face with a man named Slade Wil­son. You may know, and loathe, him by a dif­fer­ent name: Death­stroke. After strug­gling with this infa­mously dif­fi­cult boss fight for a while, and even read­ing a few tuto­ri­als, some­thing finally clicked and I real­ized that the fight is actu­ally quite easy. I’m here to ease your pain by explain­ing just how to kick Death­stroke to the curb with lit­tle effort.


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