ESH | Dragon’s Crown Pro Review

March­ing into a dun­geon and smash­ing some liv­ing skele­tons into dust is a sta­ple of any great brawler RPG and there are few bet­ter expe­ri­ences than the orig­i­nal Dragon’s Crown. Orig­i­nally an extremely gor­geous game, this remas­ter takes each of the artis­tic ele­ments of the game and cranks them up to eleven. Sport­ing both sound and visual remas­ters, Dragon’s Crown Pro is def­i­nitely the ver­sion to own if you’re sport­ing a shiny new 4K TV in your liv­ing room.


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ESH | ‘Odin Sphere’ Returns from Valhalla

Port­ing clas­sic games has become some­thing of an epi­demic dur­ing this con­sole gen­er­a­tion. What’s worse is that, more often than not, these ports act as a reminder of just how far graph­ics in video games have come across the years. Rare excep­tions to this rule do occur and when treated with the proper care, some games shine on the newer plat­forms. If I hadn’t played it back on PS2, and you told me that Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir was a brand new game I would likely believe you. The upgrades they’ve made to this clas­sic action RPG were smart and the gor­geous graph­ics, a trade­mark of Vanillaware, looks as good today as they did back in 2007.


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ESH | ‘Dancing All Night’ Puts On a Good Show

It seems as though no genre of game is too sacred for the inves­ti­ga­tion team of Per­sona 4 to break into. As the series has become more pop­u­lar, they’ve bro­ken out of the RPG mold to include a cou­ple fight­ing games and even their own anime. The lat­est adven­ture, Per­sona 4: Danc­ing All Night, as you may have gath­ered, is a rhythm game focused around the lik­able group of teenagers from the afore­men­tioned RPG. Regard­less of the change in genre, Atlus is cer­tainly treat­ing Danc­ing All Night as a canon entry in the Per­sona 4 uni­verse with its own expan­sive story mode and all the char­ac­ters you’d expect to see from the orig­i­nal game.


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ESH | Map Out Adventure With ‘The Fafnir Knight’

In spite of what oth­ers might tell you, the real use of graph paper has always been scrawl­ing out maps of dun­geons for a plucky group of explor­ers to inves­ti­gate. Since its incep­tion in 2007, the Etrian Odyssey series has drawn upon this con­cept. Task­ing play­ers with not only tra­vers­ing a mys­te­ri­ous labyrinth, but also draw­ing the map from scratch as they go. After a series of games in the series, Atlas has started releas­ing remakes of the orig­i­nal titles with one major addi­tion: an offi­cial story mode. Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight is the sec­ond of these remakes and adds some great new fea­tures to an already fun game.


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