Ramblings | Offline Mode as a Feature

Our world is grow­ing more and more con­nected every day. It’s gone from rude to almost assumed that smart­phones come out at some point dur­ing din­ner. Mul­ti­player in video games has felt quite a bit of this change as well. With rare excep­tion from Nin­tendo, it seems that the norm for mul­ti­player is chang­ing from some­thing you do on the couch next to your bud­dies to over a web­cam or head­set. With that rise in the pop­u­lar­ity of online mul­ti­player, we’re start­ing to see some games that don’t even give you the option to play by your­self, to the point where the lat­est game in the Call of Duty series actu­ally lists “offline mode” as a feature

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Hear Me Out | The Xbox One Reveal

Microsoft unveiled their new, let’s call it an enter­tain­ment sys­tem, yes­ter­day and the inter­net exploded with opin­ions. A few of them have been good, quite a lot have been neg­a­tive and some have even fallen into neu­tral. I def­i­nitely have opin­ions of the Xbox One from what I saw yes­ter­day, but they may not be what you think if you fol­lowed my Twit­ter feed dur­ing the reveal. Let’s dive into this cross-examination style with a seg­ment I’m going to call: Lead­ing the Witness.


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