Why This Game?

Reach­ing the end of a game and glanc­ing at the remain­ing tro­phies, this seemed like a decent­ly sim­ple cleanup job. Sev­er­al of the tro­phies are sto­ry-relat­ed and the abil­i­ty to chap­ter select in to grab the col­lectibles made get­ting all but three tro­phies a breeze. I’ll get to those last few in a minute, but this was a case of appar­ent ease that end­ed up being decep­tive­ly dif­fi­cult in the end.

Was it Quick?

Over­all, this is not the longest plat­inum I have ever got­ten. Rel­a­tive to the length of the main game, it end­ed up being quite a bit longer. The last few tro­phies can def­i­nite­ly take some time and were prob­a­bly the major­i­ty of my over­all time with the game. (6 out of 10)

Was it Easy?

No. I’m sor­ry, was that too quick? Let me elab­o­rate a bit. The last three tro­phies you’ll get involve achieve­ments in the extra modes the game has to offer: Sur­vival and Night­mare. The sur­vival mode is basi­cal­ly a horde mode where you need to kill zom­bies and stay alive. There are two tro­phies for this mode, one for killing 200 zom­bies and anoth­er for sur­viv­ing for 13 min­utes and 43 sec­onds. You’ll like­ly get both of these on the same run and it involves jump­ing from one ledge to anoth­er with near­ly per­fect exe­cu­tion for that whole time. It took at least a few hours to mas­ter and required a bit of luck with how the zom­bies spawned in as well. Night­mare mode basi­cal­ly removes the check­points and only lets you start over from the begin­ning of each act. Again, this basi­cal­ly means you need to mas­ter per­fect exe­cu­tion, but for an entire third of the game at a time. No, it is not easy. (2 out of 10)

Was It Fun?

I may sur­prise you here by say­ing that there was a kind of thrill involved with mas­ter­ing this game to the degree you need to com­plete those last few tro­phies. It is also incred­i­bly frus­trat­ing, espe­cial­ly when you lost 12 min­utes of progress because a zom­bie lit­er­al­ly spawned on top of you in sur­vival mode, but for dif­fi­cul­ty issues read above. (6 out of 10)

Any Oth­er Thoughts?

Hon­est­ly, this one came down to me not study­ing up before­hand and under­es­ti­mat­ing those last few tro­phies. Yes, a large por­tion of the game’s tro­phies are easy to grab, but the plat­inum is a dif­fer­ent sto­ry. This is evi­denced even fur­ther by the fact that it has a .8% plat­inum rat­ing as of this writ­ing. This might be my most rare tro­phy, with even Blood­borne hav­ing a 7.1% com­ple­tion rate. All that said, I don’t regret doing it as I have not, in a very long time, had as much of a rush play­ing games as I did when I had locked in com­plet­ing night­mare mode. If you’re look­ing for some­thing easy, look else­where, but if you want a chal­lenge that won’t take you 80 hours, this might be one to check out.

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