Ever since rev­o­lu­tion­iz­ing local mul­ti­play­er games with The Jack­box Par­ty Pack, Jack­box Games has been releas­ing a fair­ly steady stream of new titles in the series. If you own that first game, you’re prob­a­bly famil­iar with the draw­ing game includ­ed in the pack­age enti­tled Draw­ful. To stave off the hun­gry fans this sum­mer, before they release The Jack­box Par­ty Pack 3 this fall, Jack­box Games has released a sequel to one of the bet­ter games from that orig­i­nal pack­age. Draw­ful 2 takes some of the con­cepts from the orig­i­nal and expands upon them smart­ly, adding not only new prompts, but a slew of new fea­tures to enter­tain guests at your next big party.


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