ESH | DeadCore Review

Plat­form­ing sec­tions in first-person games can be noto­ri­ously hard if they’re not done well. Spot­ting plat­forms while you’re jump­ing and nail­ing tar­gets mid-air is tough as nails, but if the con­trols are tight enough it can feel really good. Dead­Core has you steadily climb­ing a tower full of deadly traps and giant leaps, but as through the adver­sity of mak­ing it through this gaunt­let, you will even­tu­ally feel like a first-person god of plat­form­ing. Not every sec­tion is strong, but what is there is chal­leng­ing enough to really make you feel like you earned it.



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ESH | Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 1 & 2 Review

Pro­foundly spooky loca­tions and dark fore­bod­ing design are often the land­mark for an effec­tive hor­ror game. What could be more ter­ri­fy­ing than run­ning for your life in a dark for­est or an aban­doned insane asy­lum? Bendy and the Ink Machine takes this idea and flips it on its head by pro­vid­ing an incred­i­bly scary expe­ri­ence, while using graph­ics straight out of a car­toon from the 1930s. The first two episodes, that have been released thus far, are very short, but they man­age to instill a sense of dread even while invok­ing those clas­sic car­toons and they look damn good while doing it.


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ESH | Narcosis Review

Pres­sure can mean a few dif­fer­ent things; It’s either force phys­i­cally being exerted upon an object or a sit­u­a­tion impart­ing emo­tional force to a per­son. Honor Code has expertly com­bined these two def­i­n­i­tions into one game in Nar­co­sis, a new hor­ror game set deep beneath the sea. Not all of the game­play hooks are exe­cuted as well as I’d like, but the care put into the atmos­phere and over­all sense of dread as you attempt to escape from the ocean floor very suc­cess­fully makes Nar­co­sis a nar­ra­tive expe­ri­ence worth try­ing out.


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Resident Evil 7 Pt. 5 | Travis in the Basement

Due to a slight mis­cal­cu­la­tion, the Ben Cam footage cuts out around 10 min­utes in, but fear not: The audio is still there! As Ethan dives deeper into the Baker Estate, he dis­cov­ers a new foe that gives him more trou­ble than nec­es­sary! Can Ethan take down Travis? Watch to find out and sub­scribe to see more episodes every day!

Resident Evil 7 Pt. 3 | Dancing with Jack Baker

After a some­what awk­ward fam­ily din­ner, Ethan gets some spin-dance lessons from Jack Baker. Will he dance for­ever or finally escape under the floor­boards? Watch to find out and sub­scribe to see more episodes!

ESH | Running and Jumping Through the ‘Valley’

Prior to play­ing Val­ley, my only expo­sure to the devel­oper Blue Isle Stu­dios was their take on the Slen­der Man with Slen­der: The Arrival. While cer­tain parts of that game were scary, it really did more to fuel my imag­i­na­tion as to what this team could accom­plish with a brand new idea. Answer­ing my ques­tion in spades, Val­ley is an inter­est­ing and unique first-person expe­ri­ence that puts you in con­trol of an explorer search­ing for an ancient and pow­er­ful item called the Life Seed. While the story is mildly inter­est­ing, what sep­a­rates Val­ley from other games are the inter­est­ing twists they put on the first-person explo­ration genre.


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ESH | ‘SEUM’ Takes You to Hell and Back

Never in my life have I been more con­cerned with the latency on my wire­less key­board since I started play­ing SEUM: Speedrun­ners from Hell. Tak­ing first-person puz­zle solv­ing and ramp­ing up the speed to the max, this speedrun­ning game imme­di­ately drew me in with its sense of humor and fun design. Span­ning around one hun­dred lev­els, the game gets pro­gres­sively harder as you descend deeper into its depths. Come on a jour­ney to hell with me and help me fig­ure out if the insane tough­ness of those later lev­els crushes the game’s pac­ing or sim­ply changes its nature.


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