ESH | Running and Jumping Through the ‘Valley’

Prior to play­ing Val­ley, my only expo­sure to the devel­oper Blue Isle Stu­dios was their take on the Slen­der Man with Slen­der: The Arrival. While cer­tain parts of that game were scary, it really did more to fuel my imag­i­na­tion as to what this team could accom­plish with a brand new idea. Answer­ing my ques­tion in spades, Val­ley is an inter­est­ing and unique first-person expe­ri­ence that puts you in con­trol of an explorer search­ing for an ancient and pow­er­ful item called the Life Seed. While the story is mildly inter­est­ing, what sep­a­rates Val­ley from other games are the inter­est­ing twists they put on the first-person explo­ration genre.


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